Why Family Camp? Interview with Becky O'Brien

Why Family Camp? Interview with Becky O'Brien

I sat down with long-time Family Week attendee, Becky O’Brien, to hear her perspective on Family Camp at Seneca Lake Baptist Assembly.  She has been attending the camp for nearly every year it’s been in existence since 1989.  She heartily recommends Family Camp to every Christian family she knows.

Could you tell us about your first experience at Family Camp?

It was August of 1989.  Our 8th child had just been born in February so she was still very young.  When she was older, she said she wanted to go every year for the rest of her life so that when she was eighty she could say she had gone for eighty years!  Everyone fell in love with Seneca Lake and Family Week.  Everyone wanted to go every year.

What did you like about Family Camp back then?  Why did you come back the second year?

I think the thing that we liked best about Family Camp at Seneca Lake was the fact that we were all believers – thus brothers and sisters in Christ.  It was a safe haven for my kids to be with others and in a godly, Christian atmosphere.

What is a favorite memory of Family Camp?

One of my very favorite memories is when we were having Vespers and my shy five-year-old son went forward after we had sang People Need the Lord to say, “People really do need the Lord.”

Please tell us about your Family Camp experience this past year.

It was such a beautiful blessing – almost every one of my children, their spouses and grandchildren were there.  One day two of the children and spouses visited, making a total of 41 of us that day, 37 of us were there all week.  We all have such wonderful memories and testimonies of our time at camp.  My children were thrilled to be able to take their children to a place that had meant so much to them growing up.

What does Family Camp mean to you?

Family Camp means not only being able to get together to worship, play, learn and encourage our family but also the other families at camp.  Being able to talk, share concerns and pray for one another is uplifting and important.

Would you recommend Family Camp to others?  Why or why not?

I certainly would.  Anytime we can make opportunity to help a family grow in their relationship with the Lord, we should do it.  Today there are not many opportunities for families to seek God together outside of their home.


For details about upcoming dates and registration, use the link below to visit the event page at scbo.org.