Ohio Disaster Relief

Welcome to Ohio Disaster Relief! When disaster strikes, Ohio Disaster Relief has trained to be some of the first on the scene to bring Help, Hope and Healing. Each aide organization does things a little differently. We train to bring a skillset that's more than just showing up and lending a hand. Our units are described below.

If you are looking to experience, first-hand what it means to help people who have been through some of the toughest times in their lives, then Ohio Disaster Relief is for you. Please review the website and if you still have questions, feel free to contact John Heading Ohio Disaster Relief Director at jheading@scbo.org. When you are ready, register and get trained. 


Ohio Disaster Relief is launching a new webpage in January 2023. This webpage can still be used to learn about the ministry and how to be involved. Registration for trainings will start with the new webpage. We do want you to make plans now to train so here is the list of trainings for 2023. 

Thank you for your interest in Ohio Disaster Relief. As always your financial support is very much appreciated and needed as we do the work that we do. In 2022 we saw 42 people come to faith in Christ through this ministry. This is what you are supporting.

God Bless,

Dr. John Heading OHDR Director

Ohio Disaster Relief 2023 Projected Training Schedule

March 18           Briggs Road Baptist Church, Columbus    (Chainsaw, Mud Out, Food Service, Communications, Blue Hat Training)

March 25       Cuyahoga Valley Church, Cleveland     (Chainsaw, Mud Out, Food Service, Assessment)

April 22         First Light, Vandalia     (Chainsaw, Mud Out, Food Service, Communications, Blue Hat Training)

April 22         Cedarville University, Cedarville     (Mud Out, Food Service)

April 29         H2O Church, Bowling Green    (Chainsaw, Mud Out, Food Service)

Sept. 8-9       Urbancrest Baptist Church, Lebanon    (Chaplain Training)

October 28    Friendship Baptist Church, New Concord         (Chainsaw, Mud Out, Food Service)

November 4   First Baptist Lancaster       (Chainsaw, Mud Out, Food Service)




Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) exists to bring Help, Hope and Healing to those in need. SBDR traces its beginnings to the actions of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1966. In 1967, in response to Hurricane Beulah, Texas Baptist Men and a boys organization called Royal Embassadors, responded to meet needs. To this day, SBDR credits it's royal blue and gold trademark colors to Royal Ambassadors. 

SBDR works together and in partnershup with many agencies. FEMA, VOAD, American Red Cross, The Salvation Army and Send Relief are just a few of the ongoing partnerships. However, Send Relief is our primary ministry partner in responding to crisis. Send Relief is Southern Baptists' compassion ministry that focuses on five areas: strengthen communitites, care for refugees, protect children and families, fight human trafficking, and respond to crisis. To learn more about Send Relief, CHECK THEM OUT HERE.

The Ohio SBDR responds to disasters and needs in Ohio, North America, and around the world. This ministry was launched in Ohio in January, 1986 with the establishment of the Food Service Unit. It has since grown to include many more responce teams which you can read about below. Our teams are made up of specifically trained volunteers who give of their time and talents to serve Christ in a crisis. 

To be actively involved on a responce team or two, you will need to complete the online training and then train in-person with your designated team. We ask that trainee candidates be either a member of or an active participant with a Southern Baptist church in Ohio. Funding for this volunteer-based ministry comes primarily from Southern Baptist churches through the Cooperative Program, the Ray Roberts State Missions Offering and by donations from compassionate individuals and organizations who desire to partner with Ohio DIsaster Relief.

If you are interested in joining the Disaster Relief Volunteer Team, please contact us: 

John Heading, Coordinator:  jheading@scbo.org or (614) 309-9751

Our chaplains are trained to minister to the disaster victims as well as minister to our Disaster Relief volunteers by providing a listening ear and sharing comfort.  Training is generally offered once a year. Upon completion of that 2-day training you will be certified as an Ohio DR Chaplain and ready for deployment. For those interested, step 2  is to apply and do the coursework to be a NAMB endorsed chaplian. That process could take up to a year depending on how much time you have to invest and is mostly online coursework. We encourage all chaplains to pursue NAMB endorsement if they can, but it is not required.  

The next chaplain training is scheduled for September 8-9, 2023 at Urbancrest BC in Lebanon, Ohio.

Volunteers cut downed trees from homes and buildings and stack logs in a location designated by the property owner.  Also, pull brush and stack accordingly.  This usually occurs following tornadoes, ice storms and even hurricanes. 

Safety is of utmost and all volunteers will wear the safety attire and use the saw equipment provided. 

The mission of the MudOut Ministry is to demonstrate the love of Christ by helping people recover from flooding in their homes.
This involves removing damaged belongings from the home, removing carpeting, wallboard & trim, pressure washing, and mold remediation. Tools and safety equipment are provided.

For volunteers, a strong back is a plus, but a compassionate heart is a must. MudOut has ministered to people who have lost EVERYTHING. Our joy is to show them a Savior who was willing to get dirty for US.


The Feeding Unit fulfills two main functions: the first is to feed our Ohio teams while they are deployed and the other is feeding of the community in an affected area. Feeding our Ohio units is rough 95% of the time spent as a member of the feeding team. Every unit that deploys needs to be fed. Teams typically stay in churches so you could use the church kitchen to feed approximately team mebers for a week at a time or the Ohio Quick Response Feeding trailer would be deployed to feed teams. The QRU Feeding Unit is a mobile commercial kitchen ready to roll. For this type of feeding, you would prepare a hot lunch and dinner. Lunch is typically a sack lunch prepared by the team members themselves before they leave the church for their worksite. 

Volunteers feeding in a mass community feeding setup, prepare hot meals using a field kitchen to line feed (much like cafeteria style feeding in an open parking lot or field), prepare containers for use in Red Cross or Salvation Army vehicles for serving, inventory food, clean up area, wash cooking utensils and pots, move full cases of food from storage to the kitchen for use, unload truck and load truck, set up field kitchen and take down field kitchen.

The Communications Team is responsible for establishing and maintaining wireless radio communications between aid workers and agencies. Following a disaster traditional communication methods such as telephone, TV, and internet are often unavailable for days or even weeks. This makes the communications teams invaluable additions to any disaster response.

Ohio Disaster Relief Videos to show your church.

Both videos for Disaster Relief Appreciation Sunday. The first (1:03) is appreciation to all DR from NAMB and the second (1:53) is similar with some Ohio pics included. 

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