Ohio Disaster Relief

Welcome to Ohio Disaster Relief!

When disaster strikes, Ohio Disaster Relief has been trained to be some of the first on the scene to bring Help, Hope, and Healing. We train to bring a skillset that’s more than just showing up and lending a hand.

If you are looking to experience, first-hand, what it means to help people who have been through some of the toughest times in their lives, then Ohio Disaster Relief is for you.

Ohio Disaster Relief (DR) is open to adults and college students. If this is your first time exploring DR, your journey starts with ‘QUALIFICATIONS’.


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The work of Ohio SBDR is hard and expensive. We are grateful to all who support this work. If you would like to support the ministry financially, please click the DONATE link below. Thank you!!


In July Ohio DR deployed to IL for chainsaw recovery and deployment to Athens, Greece.

Our Feeding unit in Barre, VT and OH flood recovery teams will deploy to NY and VT in August.

August, flood recovery/rebuild team 1 deployed to Guam to cleanup after Typhoon Mawar.

September, flood recovery/rebuild team 2 deployed to Guam to cleanup after Typhoon Mawar.


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