Ohio Collegiate Ministries

For more detailed information on events, campuses, and what's going on in Ohio Collegiate Ministries, please contact the Evangelism Resource Team (Matt Pardi or Jack Helton

The WHO:
Ohio Collegiate Ministries (OCM) is a network of collegiate ministries meeting on college campuses around the state of Ohio.  We are a student ministry organization facilitated and sponsored by Ohio churches and the North American Mission Board.

We do a lot of things, but we focus on
1) Enjoying God
2) Loving people
3) Developing leaders
4) Planting churches

The HOW:
Each OCM does ministry in a little different way. Some chapters are collegiate churches that meet on a campus. They do everything a regular church does, but they have no building and they consist mostly of college students. Some OCM are organizations based/located out of a single church. They can meet at a church building, or on campus, and sometimes both. They are not a church, but rather a ministry out of a church. Some OCMS are simple campus organizations. They meet together on a weekly basis and do activities that connect students to one another and to God.