Your Churches Sunday School Scorecard

Your Churches Sunday School Scorecard

Have you ever wondered why people at a major league baseball game take the time to keep score for themselves? They sit with a scorebook in their hand, recording every pitch, all the strikes, hits, strikeouts and obviously runs that are scored. Why? It is for the same reason that the very teams playing do it! They want to know how they are doing as a team and as individuals.  They want to evaluate how each player is performing and to see if there are any indicators that might help them improve their game.

Golf is about the only sport I still play on a regular basis. Although it is a recreational sport, I still keep score. Why, because I want to improve my skills. I want to know how many fairways I hit in regulation, how many putts I used in one round. How many birdies vs. bogeys I had. All for the purpose of improving my game. If I didn’t keep score or record my stats then I wouldn’t have any idea how I was doing or what I needed to improve on.

Sunday school should be looked at with the same approach. Ask yourself this question, “Do we keep score with our Sunday School?”  Some would immediately say, “Yes we do!” Just because you take attendance every week though doesn’t mean you are keeping score! Unless you have a purpose for what you are tracking for Sunday School then you are wasting your time. However, if you really want your Sunday School to be better than it currently is, you need to start tracking everything. Start with a baseline of your current condition and then track everything and evaluate it often. You will be able to measure the improvement or decline of your individual classes or Sunday school as a whole and then be able to make changes as needed for improvement.

One of the best ways to get a head start on learning how to have a Sunday School Scorecard is by attending our 2018 Fall Sunday School training.  The State Convention of Baptists in Ohio and the Tennessee Baptist Convention are in partnership together and we have invited Tennessee’s Sunday School team to join us this year for training.  

September 7 & 8, 2018 are the dates for the Ohio training.   September 7th will be held in Columbus Ohio at FBC Grove City and on September 8th we will be in Cincinnati at FBC Mason. For more detailed information please view our website at or call us at 614-601-6824. Registration for both dates are currently open.  Bring you entire Sunday School team with you and come to this great day of training. We look forward to seeing you there!

In His Service,

Dwayne Lee
Associate Team Leader
The Bible Teaching/Leadership Resource Group