The Theology of Mixology - The Story

The Theology of Mixology - The Story

NO, we are not talking about mixed drinks or how to prepare them, but what we are talking about is sound and how important it is to understand and the equipment you use.

It has been said, “Sound can make or break a production…” Unfortunately, audio often times gets underappreciated unless something goes wrong. I tell media personnel all the time, “If no one says anything to you at the end of service, then you have done your job!”

Sound mixes, visuals and interactive elements tend to command our attention, and trying to get the story right can become an all-consuming task. Believe it or not, none of this will take care of itself! So, it is up to you to understand what it is you are working with and use it to your advantage.

How can we make this happen? Here are some tips that you might want to consider when it comes to sound.

Remember the basics.

Especially when you are running live audio, it is important you remember the basics! You should have a checklist of things that you go through before anything happens on stage. Having good building blocks is the first and most important step toward great audio.

Know your equipment.

Having the best understanding of your current equipment and knowing how to use it to its fullest potential, will not only make you look like a genesis, you will become your worship teams best friend.

The better you know your equipment, the more easily it is to overcome problems when they arise.

Focus on the big stuff first.

Yes, there are many details that occur when running live sound, capture the “big stuff” first. For most of us, we are mixing sound in the same room every week, therefore make sure to know the acoustics of the room (empty and full).

  • If there are things that need to be done to fix any natural reverb issues, take care of them first.
  • Know your decibel “DB” levels of the room.
  • Make sure you have adequate front of house speakers, etc. 

Always monitor sound.

After you get everything set, you can not put it on “auto pilot” and leave it alone. You are the one who controls the board, so make sure you are always paying attention and making any adjustments necessary.

Those are just a few things for you to consider when it comes to running sound. With that said, let me offer you the opportunity to join me and PDH systems for a night of training. With 4 trainings in October, you won't have to travel far. Click on the links below for more information and register today. It will be worth it!

In His Service,

Dwayne Lee
State worship Leader
The State Convention of Baptists in Ohio