That's a Wrap! Theology of Mixology

That's a Wrap! Theology of Mixology

What started out as a thought quickly turned into a question; then became a reality the week of October 29 through November 3. It was called the “Theology of Mixology” tour. Sound engineers, worship pastors, music leaders, and tech staff came from all over Ohio to receive instruction, encouragement, and help in the area of live sound. Many, if not all of them were volunteers not looking for the job when they got it, but for some reason, they ended up seating behind a console with a lot of buttons, knobs, and sliders.

As a result of the question, the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio found a way to help those who are struggling with the equipment they have or just wanting to become better at their responsibility.

Mike Overlin from Music Tribe and Daren Fulks with PDH Systems graciously provided our attendees with a plethora of information like Signal flow, equalization, balance. The difference between mic, speaker, and instrument cables, but the biggest thing our attendees received was a reminder that they are a significant part of the worship team. They have the responsibility to know and understand the largest instrument in the room, the band!

Music Tribe provided each group with the opportunity to sit behind a Behringer x32 digital board. They discovered the basics of how digital boards work and at the same time how these boards can be very specific when setting up a room. After some instruction, they put on a set of headphones and began to work on a multi-track that was provided on their console. The hand’s on training was a hit! While Mike and Daren walked the room giving personal attention to each question, the attendees were lost in their own little world working on what they were hearing through their headphones.  At the end of each session, the group was very thankful for what they had received and was ready to take back to their churches what they had learned.

As the state worship director for the state convention and co-director of the Worship 4:24 conference, I am working with Daren and Mike about coming to the conference and provide the same type of training. The dates for the Worship conference are January 25-26, 2019. We are also looking at the possibilities of doing another PA tour later in 2019.

If you have any questions or need any assistance with the current equipment you were using please feel free to contact me at 614–601–6824 or Until next time, “That’s a Wrap”

Dwayne Lee
BT/L group


Left to right: Dwayne Lee, Daren Fulks and Mike Overlin