SCBO Welcomes Four New Staff Members

SCBO Welcomes Four New Staff Members

By Stephanie Heading

The State Convention of Baptists in Ohio recently welcomed four staff members—two Ministry Assistants and two Assistants in the Information Technology Department.  

Chloe Garcia and Patrice Baker are Ministry Assistants who support SCBO efforts with various office and administrative tasks. Garcia is a member of Briggs Road Baptist Church in Columbus, and she is excited to serve SCBO with her skills. “I wanted to expand my administrative capabilities, as I am also assisting my church and my mom’s non-profit organization in the same capacity, and working for SCBO would allow me to learn and grow, yet still engage in a ministry-minded environment.” 

Baker will be managing incoming calls to the SCBO offices, and she is a member of Destiny Ministries in Pickerington.  She is enjoying her new role at SCBO. “My new role as a Ministry Assistant is a delight. I can utilize my talents and can connect with like-minded believers.”  

My new role as a Ministry Assistant is a delight. I can utilize my talents and can connect with like-minded believers.

Katrina Umphrey, SCBO director of operations, is impressed with what Garcia and Baker bring to SCBO. “Amidst the ever-changing landscape of administrative roles, we are proud to have welcomed our new Ministry Assistants, Chloe Garcia, and Patrice Baker. 

“Chloe’s youth and intelligence, complemented by her fresh perspectives and versatile range of skills will undoubtedly advance how we provide administrative assistance, and we look forward to seeing her contributions shine. 

“Patrice is a warm addition to our staff, bringing her years of experience to enhance various aspects of our mission. She serves here at the SCBO building Monday-Thursday each week and soon she will be the lovely voice greeting our incoming callers.”  

The Information Technology Department has also welcomed two new assistants—Seth Wicker and A.J. Frasure. “Both Seth and AJ are exciting additions to the SCBO,” said Dan Stupakewicz, SCBO director of information technology. “Their contributions are helping the SCBO embrace and refine communication for the digital era. Going forward, we are poised to provide an unprecedented level of support to Ohio churches and pastors.” Seth Wicker is a member of Oasis City Church in Westerville, and he is responsible for the design and layout of the Ohio Baptist Messenger, the SCBO monthly newspaper. He is also assisting in the redesign and rebuild of the SCBO website, as well as working to help find, implement, and teach new technologies to help grow and improve the current tech stack for SCBO.  

Wicker is enjoying his new position. “Both SCBO and my current position align with my values and passions. Growing up in church, I personally gave my life to Christ as a teenager and have pursued him every day since. Joining SCBO has given me the opportunity to work in a field I am passionate about while also sharing my faith and working  with others who share the same beliefs.” 

“Seth is bringing a fresh perspective to communications for the SCBO,” said Stupakewicz. “He not only has a great eye for imagery and design, but he has also studied the way that people relate and interact with technology. This powerful combination is already helping SCBO staff create more effective and impactful digital communications.” 

Frasure is a member of Covenant Church in Grove City, and is creating graphics for the Messenger, and social media, as well as other pieces of content for SCBO. He also records and edits short-form video content. 

Getting to use the gifts that God has given me to further His Kingdom is always a joy!

He enjoys using his gifts and skills in his work with SCBO. “I am excited to work with the SCBO because I love being able to equip churches to share the gospel more effectively! Getting to use the gifts that God has given me to further His Kingdom is always a joy!” 

“Multiple generations of the Frasure family have served Ohio Baptists, and now AJ is carrying that legacy into the future,” Stupakewicz noted. “AJ has been a fixture at Super Summer Ohio for years - taking photos, producing videos, and capturing the experience for students. Now the whole state will be blessed by his visual communication skills.”