New Encouragement and Leadership Podcast for Pastors

New Encouragement and Leadership Podcast for Pastors

Our friends over at NAMB have just announced a brand new podcast featuring Kevin Ezell called "Quick Takes with Kevin." Check out the details below:

Dear Pastor,

I’m not asking anything of you today but sharing something I hope will be a blessing.

The highlight of my ministry was serving as a pastor. I still miss it every day. It had challenges to be sure, but I loved it dearly.

We have just launched a new series called Quick Takes with Kevin, and it’s just for you. First, it’s quick—we aim for just five minutes for each episode. Second, I’m connecting each week with a pastor or leader who will be sharing from their years of wisdom, experience and sometimes hard lessons.

We will talk a lot about how you continue to protect and feed your own soul as you try to serve so many others. You will also hear a lot about ways to guard your marriage and family time. 

You’re not going to get any lectures here, just honest conversation between friends who want to help other men who are on this same journey.

To start, we are using Lance Witt’s book, Replenish, as a conversation starter each week. If you don’t have a copy, let me know, and I will send one your way. It’s a book every pastor needs to read. 

You can click here to watch on video or find a podcast version on your preferred podcast player app. 

I hope you can give it a quick view or listen and let us know what you think. Thank you for all you are doing to expand God’s Kingdom.

Serving Together,

Kevin Ezell