May 10 Mother's Day

May 10 Mother's Day

Press toward the Mark


May is always an exciting month, especially in Ohio.  Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, even though people aren’t traveling due to the “Stay Safe Ohio” order. 

"Family" seems to capture our attention in all of these activities.  Maybe, that is why the celebration of Mother's Day was scheduled in May.  Even with “social distancing” altering normal activities on Mother’s Day, mothers still deserve recognition and respect year-round but especially on Mother’s Day.

I don't know about you, but I am very grateful for my mother.  Some of my earliest memories are of my mother working extra jobs so she could provide Christmas presents for my younger sister and me.  Her courage to face life head-on in very difficult circumstances continues to inspire me.

Before she died, Momma summoned enormous courage to travel by airplane to and from Arkansas to spend time with us in Ohio.  This is a woman who wouldn’t ride any carnival rides or even elevators.  Yet, she gritted her teeth and gripped the armrest of her seat on the airplane for her family.

This is but one example of a mother's love and commitment for her family.  Moms do equally courageous events every day.  Some of these events are so routine that others may take them for granted.  Such devotion and sacrifice should never be taken for granted.  The honoring of mothers on Mother's Day is a very small tribute compared to the seemingly endless care and nurture given by mothers.  Perhaps, that is why the Bible teaches us to honor our mothers and fathers continuously.

The Holy Spirit's infilling of Christ in us enables us to give our mothers godly honor.  God created the family.  He knows what is best for families as individual members and as a family unit.  Thus, it most important to be a member of God's forever family.  To become a member of God's family one must repent of her or his sin, believe in the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and ask Christ to become Lord and Savior of her or his life.

This is what Mission Ohio is all about: introducing people to Jesus Christ.  Mission Ohio is to Reach Ohio.  Let us press toward that mark.