Jersey Students Study Experiencing God

Jersey Students Study Experiencing God

By Caleb Fee, sixth grade student at Jersey Church

“Hey, mom, have you experienced God yet today...because I have!” I just finished going through the teenage version of Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God with my youth group at Jersey Church while my parents are working through the adult edition.   

The teen version of Experiencing God, revised by sons Mike and Daniel Blackaby, is a great study because it introduces a daily habit of going through a Bible study with interesting and applicable stories that I really enjoyed. For example, one story was about one of Mike and Daniel’s friends who was really into dinosaurs, so, obviously, his favorite movie was Jurassic Park. Their friend knew everything about every character and dinosaur in the movie, and one day Mike and Daniel asked if he had even seen the movie. He said, “I’ve never seen it. It’s way too scary for me.” The story helped me understand the difference between knowing God with my mind and experiencing Him in my life. I will never forget that. Every morning I woke up and then did my Bible study because I was excited to see what every day would be about.

“Hey, mom, have you experienced God yet today...because I have!”

My middle school group had about fifteen students meeting weekly. We talked through the week’s study and watched the video from Mike and Daniel. Through the study, I got to know the kids in my group a little bit better and had accountability because you did not want to be the guy who had to answer a question but did not do the study throughout the week! Mike and Daniel did a great job rewriting this book for teenagers because I felt like most of the kids around me in the group enjoyed doing this study, and many shared that they also grew closer to God because of it.

I have learned a lot about what God’s will is for me and I have changed. One of the things I have learned and believe is I am an unfinished masterpiece, and God is always going to be working on me to be more like Christ. I have also grown closer to God because I have developed this habit of waking up and then getting into his Word. In the future, I want to keep doing different Bible studies so I can keep this good habit of following God closer in my everyday life.

Experiencing God is a great study, and Mike and Daniel did a fantastic job revising their grandfather’s work for teenagers.