With God, All Things are Possible!

With God, All Things are Possible!

The new home of Good News Baptist Church

By Pastor Jerome Byrd, Good News Baptist Church

Editor’s Note: Good News Baptist Church, Cincinnati, will be holding its first worship service in its new facility on Sunday, January 7. Pastor Jerome Byrd and the congregation will be celebrating their new location, but even more importantly, they will be celebrating how the Lord brought it about in a way that only He could.

“In May 2023, I looked at a vacant church building for relocating Good News Baptist Church in Cincinnati, and discovered the building was available, but it was not on the market. The asking price was $650,000.00. We were hoping to get a lower price, but there didn’t seem to be a possibility of that happening. So, I decided to back away. I informed my Good News Baptist Church family that if God wanted us to get that building, that somehow, He would make a way--and make a way He did! 

A few weeks later, I received an unexpected phone call from a Christian businessman. Over several meetings, conversations, and much prayer, we both discussed the possibility of obtaining the vacant building. This gentleman decided to make an offer for the building. To our surprise, his offer was accepted, and he is now working with us so that we may acquire the building, with our financial obligation being only ONE DOLLAR!!  

We are truly excited about what the Lord has done and is continuing to do! Our hope is to be in our new location by Christmas or shortly thereafter. God is so good! He provides and makes a way when there seems to be no way! I want to encourage anyone reading this to know it is certainly true that WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!“

Jerome Byrd, Pastor of Good News Baptist Church