Dennis Humphreys Receives 2017 Darty & Dot Stowe Award

Dennis Humphreys Receives 2017 Darty & Dot Stowe Award

Pastor Dennis Humphreys, Calvary Baptist Church, Wilmington received the 2017 Darty and Dot Stowe Award at the 64th annual meeting of the State Convention of Baptist in Ohio November 7-8. Humphreys has served Calvary Baptist for 26 years and has announced his retirement in 2018.

Dennis served North Dayton Baptist as youth pastor, where he and Dave Hill (Northside, Springfield) first met. Dave writes: “We shared a cabin at youth camp at Seneca Lake when I was in my first year as youth pastor at Hillcrest.  He was wild and crazy, staying up late playing cards with his youth, and I was a stickler for the rules and made my guys go to bed at lights out. We quickly became friends and have worked together for more than 30 years. We have learned a lot from each other.” Humphreys has been a “pillar” for youth ministry in Mission Ohio. He has served at Seneca Lake, Youth Evangelism Celebrations, Winter Retreats, and many SCBO events.

Dennis married his best friend Nina in 1977. They have two sons, D.J. and Jared. He is a graduate of Liberty Baptist University. When he retires, Dennis and Nina will move to Georgia to be close to family. Dennis has served for several years as a trustee for Golden Gate (now Gateway) Baptist Theological Seminary in Ontario, California. He has also served on the SCBO Mission Council, Cedarville University’s Pastor Committee, and Wilmington’s Pastor Committee.

Pastor Humphreys has invested in young men who have gone on to be strong leaders, like Doug Grote and Logan Murphy, just to mention two. Dennis has demonstrated well the importance of engaging our community for the sake of the gospel. He has served as chaplain at Clinton Memorial Hospital, on the boards of the Clinton County Citizens for Elderly Services and the Clinton County YMCA.


Darty Stowe led well from the ‘second chair,’ with a servant’s heart, leaving a great legacy in Ohio. The award is given every year to a pastor or minister who has served faithfully, perhaps never recognized like those in the larger, more visible churches, but leaving a legacy and serving in the spirit of 1 Thessalonians 2:3-12. The Darty and Dot Stowe Award is provided by annual gifts to Georgetown College from members of the Stowe family.

Candidates for the Stowe Award must be currently serving Mission Ohio and have at least five years of service. Nominations are submitted to the state convention staff by October 1 each year. The award is announced during the annual meeting of the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio. A recognition plaque and a financial award for the purchase of books and/ or continuing education are presented to the recipient.