Chaplain Training





Our chaplains are trained to minister to the disaster victims as well as minister to our Disaster Relief volunteers by providing a listening ear, sharing comfort, and sharing the Gospel.  Training is offered once a year for DR Chaplain certification. If you choose, the next level training would be to meet the requirements for chaplain certification by the North American Mission Board, this takes about a year.






The next training is January 14-15, 2022. You can locate the registration button on the training page.

For this Training:

          - Lodging is available at the church for Friday night. There are no showers and you will need to bring your own bedding just like we would for a deployment. (air mattress or cot, sleeping bag, etc)

          - Meals are provided. (Friday dinner, Saturday Breakfast & Lunch and breaks.)

          - Chaplain Training is $20. 

Planned schedule is below:


12:30   Registration

1:00     Welcome & devotion

1:10    CTM Unit 1 - Uniqueness of Crisis Ministry in Disasters, An Introduction to Chaplaincy

2:10    CTM Unit 2 - Overview of a Crisis Response

3:10    Break

3:20    CTM Unit 3 - Human Needs and Development

4:20    CTM Unit 4 - Overview of Trauma Response in Adults and Children

5:20    Dinner provided

6:00    CTM Unit 9 - Spiritual Dimensions of Trauma in Adults and Children

7:00    CTM Unit 7 - Compassion in Crisis

8:00    OSFA Unit 1 - Overview - An Introduction to OSFA

9:00    Adjourn & Lodging Instructions



7:15    Continental breakfast provided

8:00    Devotions

8:10    CTM Unit 5 - Story Listening/OSFA Unit 8 - Intentional Listening/OSFA Unit 10 - Clear & Concise Communication

9:10    OSFA Units 3 and 4 - Primary and Secondary Aid

10:10  Break

10:20  OSFA Unit 7 - Spiritual Fitness Guide

11:30  Lunch provided

12:15  OSFA Unit 9 - Active Comforting

1:15    OSFA Unit 5 - Expectations of a Disaster Relief Chaplain

2:30    Program Review and Presentation of Certificates


Resource Group: 
Missions (MSM)