Women's Ministry Adopts New Name

Women's Ministry Adopts New Name

December 16, 2019: The former Metro Columbus Christian Job Corps, met at the Southside Baptist Church to celebrate two graduates. Preceding this ceremony, the Board of Directors voted in the name change and adopted a sunflower symbol because the sunflower represents hope. The new name is Center of Hope for Women. The twenty year history of CWJC in Metro Columbus was initiated by the first Site Coordinator and Director, VJ Sanchez. Sanchez continues to serve as Ohio CWJC State Director, while Marcella Moton currently serves as Metro Columbus Site Coordinator.

The Winter 2019 graduates, Beverly Escobedo and Katoria Marable, “Tori”, were presented graduation certificates from V.J. Sanchez. Guest speaker and instructor at the Center, Shameka Jones, also serves as a mentor and writer for the Get Faith and Finance Class. Jones excitedly shared how the curriculum impacted the participants lives. All present were challenged to reflect on Luke 8:1, 4-15 and consider their own soil, the condition of their heart.

Beverly shared her testimony through a song of redemption. Tori’s story was unique. She discovered this amazing training program known as “a hand up, not a hand out”, after she was directed there for community service in order to receive food stamps. Arriving with her countenance downcast, a cynical attitude, and her character devalued, Tori listened to an explanation of the program purpose and plan. She said, “I want that.” Marable received the training, then said, “I was in a dark place before I came, now I am in a safe haven.” From darkness to Light, from despair to Hope, from uncherished to Love.

Marcella Moton, Site Coordinator

The theme verse for the Center of Hope for Women is Jeremiah 29:11. “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” 

To find out about Spring Classes beginning in April contact VJ Sanchez, vjmccjc@gmail.com.

Shameka Jones - Guest Speaker, Instructor, & Mentor

Beverly Escobedo [Winter 2019 Graduate] and VJ Sanchez

Katoria “Tori” Marable and VJ Sanchez