#PrayOhio! Ohio Baptists Join Call to Prayer January 29: The Drug Epidemic

#PrayOhio! Ohio Baptists Join Call to Prayer January 29: The Drug Epidemic

  • Hurting people are being drawn into the drug culture in unprecedented numbers.
  • 4,050 people died of drug overdoses in Ohio in 2016.
  • Families are being ravaged by death and addiction.
  • 15,000 children are now in Foster Care, up 10% from last year.

Mission Ohio churches are joining with Gary Frost and
to pray for God's mercy,
in light of the opioid and heroin crisis.

Monday, January 29th has been designated
a day of united prayer for Ohio.

Deceptive marijuana entrepreneurs are looking to exploit Ohio citizens by promoting the legalization of recreational marijuana. Gary Frost writes: "OHIO LEADERS UNITED is an 'informal collaborative' comprised of concerned Christian leaders committed to defending Ohio families and communities from the social degradation and economic exploitation of legalized marijuana. Though we as a coalition of citizens hail from a variety of Christian traditions, we are unified in our conviction that Jesus Christ is LORD and in our opinion marijuana should not be legalized for recreational consumption in the state of Ohio."

Ohio Prays Together is a united prayer initiative born from the hearts of Christ followers desperate to see a divine intervention in the current drug epidemic ravaging lives, families, and communities in this great state. We are citizens who believe the words of Jesus Christ recorded in Matthew 19:26 (our Ohio State motto) which says “With God all things are possible”, and thereby seek God’s face in expectation of a miraculous demonstration of His grace and mercy on our behalf.

for more information.

Any economic gain that recreational legalization might provide is far outweighed by the cost that would be incurred in the health of families, communities, and very specifically children and youth.

Gary Frost
National Facilitator of Prayer and Compassion Initiatives, Mission America Coalition

“Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes.Nehemiah 4:14


With God all things are possible

Ohio State Motto
Unique among the 50 states
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