#PrayOhio! National Day of Prayer Releases Digital Resources

#PrayOhio! National Day of Prayer Releases Digital Resources

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DIGITAL EQUIPPING releases now available on the nationaldayofprayer.org website. NDP EQUIPPING includes a total of twenty-nine videos that will inform you, instruct you, and inspire you.  

With thousands of volunteers located across the country, this NDP EQUIPPING is long overdue. The all-stars in this ministry are the thousands of volunteers who network with us to mobilize unified public prayer for America on the National Day of Prayer. Now we can better prepare our volunteers who give their time and passion to this great cause for America and the Lord.

It is perfect timing for this ministry offering, as we are within four months of our 2018 National Day of Prayer on May 3. At whatever level you serve with us, this will help you. If you want to create a prayer observance in your town or city, this training will tell you how.

NDP Equipping will Inform, Instruct, and Inspire

Let me explain how these videos will work.

  • INFORM: Some videos will simply share matters of information you need to know in your role as a volunteer for the National Day of Prayer.
  • INSTRUCT: Our digital equipping has this overall purpose in mind. We want you to know how to do what we are asking of you as a volunteer for the National Day of Prayer.
  • INSPIRE: While we believe each of these will have moments of inspiration, some sessions are just intended to encourage you in your prayer life or inspire you by hearing the way others have been blessed by serving as a volunteer for the National Day of Prayer.

The majority of these equipping sessions are timeless. They will always have relevance to the ministry of prayer, equipping you to lead or assist leading a national observance.

Additional videos will be released to add to our equipping catalog.

If people are not inspired to pray, they will not pray. If they are not equipped to pray and to lead others to pray, they will not pray or lead others to pray.

The videos releasing today are 5-15 minutes in length. In the future, others may be longer. 

State, County, City, and National Leaders, You Have Assistance Like Never Before

If you are a state, county, city, or national leader for the National Day of Prayer, you now have assistance to enlist and equip new volunteers like never before. People will not engage if they are not informed and equipped.

We must enlist, equip, and empower more people to assist and lead prayer observances on the National Day of Prayer. I promise you, NDP EQUIPPING will help you to do a better job in your role. You will have links to send to volunteers and a place on our website where they can learn. Your ability to begin new observances and support present observances has just multiplied!

Please spend time with these videos yourself, and send them to all of your volunteers in your state, county, city, and region.

Now is the Time to Lead and to Pray,

Ronnie W. Floyd
Senior Pastor, Cross Church
President, National Day of Prayer

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