Plan Your Trip to Super Summer!

Plan Your Trip to Super Summer!

By: Jimmy Lemon

Every church leader who works with youth wants to see their students get serious about their faith and become leaders in their church, classroom, and communities. But, with all the options at our fingertips in this day and age, it can be hard to know which programs, resources, and experiences will help our youth grow closer to God and which ones will be just another thing we tried with our youth group that one time.

When I was a student pastor, it seemed like I was always trying to figure out the next thing that would help the best kids in our ministry to become all that they could be for God. I remember thinking that finding experiences to help our students become serious about their faith and be better leaders shouldn’t be this difficult.

Since our church began taking students to Super Summer, though, things have drastically changed. We’ve seen our kids who have attended Super Summer step up to lead in amazing ways. At Super Summer, students are challenged to get serious about their faith and trained to become better spiritual leaders in every aspect of their life. Just in our church, we’ve seen them lead worship, teach lessons, lead small groups, share their faith with their friends, and just generally be more plugged in as leaders in our church.

If you look at your ministry and see wasted potential, do yourself and your kids a favor and look into bringing a group of your students to Super Summer for an incredible week of Bible study, leadership training, and worship with other students and leaders throughout Ohio.

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Jimmy Lemon - Crossing Community Church
South Point, Ohio