Ohio Churches Helping Communities During Pandemic

Ohio Churches Helping Communities During Pandemic

Many of our churches around Ohio are doing ministries brought on by the COVID 19 Virus Pandemic.  We want to recognize you! and will be sharing those ministries on our web page.  A couple examples can be found attached to the this article at the bottom of the page.

If your church is doing ministries in new ways as a result of the COVID 19 Virus, please share those details with us to be included in the report.  We also report these to our national Disaster Relief office at the North American Mission Board (NAMB).  Send your report to: 

Sam Kelley      Skelley@SCBO.ORG

Report details:

Report each week on Wednesday by noon. (I put together a summary and report to national disaster relief by the end of day on Wednesday).  We will also report on the SCBO website.

Identify the church reporting and who is reporting – name and position in the church

How you connected with the need you are helping to meet

Summary of what ministry is being provided:  Where, what you are doing ie; delivering food boxes, delivering prepared meals, preparing meals, preparing food boxes, delivering prescription medicine, shopping for groceries, etc. 

Account for numbers:
            Salvations as a result of your ministry efforts
            Gospel presentations
            Number of people prayed for

Number of volunteers:
            Number of hours
            Activity numbers ie; boxes of food, meals, prescriptions delivered etc    

Pictures and/or 15 second videos:
As appropriate, provide pictures/videos of ministry in action.  Be careful not to compromise privacy and security - Your church is responsible for only sending us media you have aquired with permission and consent to share. 

File March 30 - Helping the Community during the COVID-19 Pandemic, File April 15 - Helping the Community during the COVID-19 Pandemic