A Living Legacy: For Today, Tomorrow, and Eternity

A Living Legacy: For Today, Tomorrow, and Eternity

A significant number of articles and books have been written over the years on how to maximize our personal lives, including our family time, work time, and spare time. Most people sincerely want to justifiably maximize every part of their lives so that they minimize wasting time, which is always valuable and also brief. Scripture helps in revealing to us a comprehensive view on how to maximize our lives spiritually, physically, mentally, socially, and financially. Obviously then, it becomes our God given and enabled responsibility to invest in things that bring glory to God, advance His Kingdom, and see His Kingdom ministry continue until He returns!

As we pursue ways to impact what is of value to us, we specifically strive to benefit our family. From a very practical standpoint, there
are tremendous financial planning tools to impact both our family and the Kingdom, while we live here on earth and when we eventually enter into Heaven. The Ohio Baptist Foundation, in conjunction with our ministry partners, exists to help you be the best and most effective stewards over the assets the Lord puts at your disposal. In essence, we help people fund ministries, invest in personal ministry passions, and also lay up treasures into our heavenly bank accounts.

Giving to support Christian work and Christian ministries is a means by which we can all leave a spiritual and financial legacy that will last today, tomorrow, and into eternity!

For more information on how you can increase and maximize the legacy you build for your family and the Kingdom, please call The Ohio Baptist Foundation at 614-309-9738 or email me at jackhelton@scbo.org.

Jack Helton,
OBF Executive Director