How It All Began - H2O Church

How It All Began - H2O Church

In April of 2018 H2O Church celebrated a milestone: their 10th Anniversary of ministry in Columbus, Ohio.  A special celebration was held to mark the occasion, and many whose paths had intersected with the church over the past ten years were invited to reconnect and reflect on God's faithfulness. Following the event, the H2O administrative team shared a special 10 Year Anniversary Newsletter (attached below) which highlights significant moments in the history of the organization. Plus, a video was posted online which captures some of the excitement of the celebration. Take a moment to read the story and watch the video. God is active and doing amazing things right here in Ohio. 

Over 10 years:

426 Baptisms 
Over 1,500 Individuals involved in small group community 
224 International Mission Trip Participants over 10 years 
47 Full-time and Part-time missionaries mobilized to serve on campus or internationally 
592 Weekly Worship Service Average this year (Campus & City) 

You might also be interested in the ongoing growth of H2O.  Follow this link to listen to a brand new podcast featuring leaders of the H2O Church at the University of Indiana.

PDF icon 2018 Spring Newsletter- 10 Year Anniversary.pdf