First Friday Fast 2020: Where do I start?

First Friday Fast 2020: Where do I start?


This weekend many pastors and church prayer leaders will be preaching and teaching in preparation for our first, First Friday Fast 2020, January 3. A DropBox full of resources is available to help. (See link below.) Some have looked at the DropBox and asked, "Where do I start?"  

Pray, asking Jesus to show you where to start. But if you need a good "first step" in the resources, start with Ronnie Floyd's five-page overview titled "Fasting and Prayer as Your Spiritual Worship" It is attached below for quick access, and it is in the DropBox.

Some have asked, "What if I am unable to fast (from food) for health reasons?" Bill Elliff writes in "The Power and Joy of Biblical Fasting:"

"What is it that is clamoring for your attention? Drawing you away from simple, pure devotion to Jesus Christ? What do you feel you cannot do without? Entertainment? Cellphones? Music? Computers? Certain relationships? Or simply food itself? Many people today are fasting from all media for a season and discover the rich world of relationship with Christ and others that is normally drowned out by the constant drone of the world's noise." (p. 4)

 Consider other possibilities if you cannot fast from food:

  • Eating only vegetables (See article on a Daniel Fast)
  • Television
  • News
  • Sports
  • Pleasure Reading
  • Email
  • Mobile phone and texting
  • Facebook and other social media
  • Other - something the Holy Spirit brings to mind that you could set aside for a season while you focus on more prayer.

If you have resources you would recommend, please send them to Fresh resources will be added throughout the year, so check back for updates!

"Jesus, by His example and His teaching, demonstrates that prayer and fasting are important and integral ingredients in the lives of His followers. ...I can't explain why God has chosen prayer and fasting as the gateway to supernatural power. One thing I do know: scripture, prayer, and fasting are the ways believers humble themselves in the sight of the Lord."

Ronnie Floyd
From Power of Prayer and Fasting

Don't forget to journal what you hear from Jesus during your day of fasting. As the Spirit prompts, share insights, especially related to REACH Ohio.
Please forward insights to, and indicate whether or not you want your name included when shared with Ohio Baptists.

PDF icon Fasting and Pryaer As Your Spiritual Worship by Ronnie Floyd
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