Eggs and Kids Kamp?

Eggs and Kids Kamp?

By: Kim Brown

In the spring 2012, approximately 10 of the senior members of the Full Armor of God Baptist Church decided to make chocolate filled eggs to assist with the cost of sending children to Seneca Lake Kids Kamp. The cost of the eggs was $1.00 each and there were five basic flavors. The first year, 604 eggs were made and sold with the top sellers being peanut butter and coconut.

As God has continued to bless this ministry, it continued to grow each year. We use an assembly line approach to make the various fillings, mold, dip, trim the extra chocolate, decorate, bag and label the eggs with the ingredients. With the assistance of local businesses selling, in 2019, 9403 eggs were sold, with the cost remaining at $1.00 each.

The favorites this year were peanut butter, chocolate cake and our newest creation “tastes like Butterfinger”. With this growth, not only are the kids and chaperones now attending for free, but five other ministries in the church are receiving funds from the egg sales.

Praise the Lord for all the buyers and sellers and that people love chocolate!