Buzz About Family Camp

Buzz About Family Camp

My kids started chatting last summer and haven’t stopped. I don’t know if they are the only ones, but our kids are regularly talking about Seneca Lake Family Camp. When it was our family’s turn to share something meaningful in our Classical Conversations opening assembly, our decision to share about SLFC was unanimous! We told stories. We shared favorite memories. And of course, we invited others to join us June 3-7, 2019! When the topic of SLFC comes up, our kids’ chatter warms up the cold winter days like a beehive buzz.

The buzz is growing louder! In the last several weeks I’ve been hearing more buzz than just around our family dinner table. Some families are buzzing about SLFC relationships. Not only do families spend quality time with each other, but anticipation also grows for new and old connections with others. SLFC reignites relationships that were forged years ago, yet were overshadowed by things like busy-ness or relocation. For many, this reunion affords families the opportunity to travel down memory lane at the mini-golf course or around the dinner table, and dream together about the future.

In addition, many new relationships are formed. I’ve talked with some families who will be new this year and are looking forward to making new friends. As you might expect, we discourage vows of silence like you might find in a monastery. Whether you are looking to begin new or build on existing relationships, our time together will have you buzzing about community!

The buzz that excites me the most comes from families who are animated about their children’s discipleship and flourishing. Did you know that the routines common to kids who flourish as adults (according to this Lifeway study) are central to our SLFC daily rhythms? Most Christians know that spiritual disciplines like reading the Bible and praying together are important. But healthy habits are hard to maintain in the midst of busy schedules, laziness, and deadlines. This is why many parents are buzzing about SLFC’s scheduled spiritual disciplines that help families flourish.

Each and every day we build in healthy habits: following breakfast each family spends time together in the Word and prayer using a simple guide that we provide. After each day of awesome activities, we gather at Vespers Hill where our families swap stories and sing songs of God’s grace. Then we walk down the hill to chapel and worship God with singing and preaching. SLFC’s focus on helping families thrive has prompted one of my pastor friends and his church to leverage their precious resources to scholarship families in their church to attend.

This is the kind of buzz that warms my heart: relationships between families who love God’s Word and prayer and form healthy habits that lead to flourishing. Could you use some warmth from this kind of a buzz? I hope you will join us.

Learn more about June 3-7, 2019 SLFC here:, and at the Facebook page There you will find pictures and videos, along with registration information, pricing, and a complete schedule of activities. A family of four (4) can attend the weeklong event with all meals, lodging, and amenities starting at an affordable $540. Contact Bob and Debbie Williams at, or 937-212-3175 for registration details. Register soon to increase your chances of obtaining lodging near your fellow church families.