30 SEC WORKSHOP: 6 Characteristics of Churches that Multiply

30 SEC WORKSHOP: 6 Characteristics of Churches that Multiply

This material was first posted in the CABA Leader Briefing by Mark Snowden, Director of Missional Leadership, Cincinnati Area Baptist Association (CABAdirector@gmail.com). Daniel Im led breakout sessions at the Midwest Leadership Summit. Videos of those sessions will be available soon at www.mwadvance.org.

SEC WORKSHOP: 6 Characteristics of Churches that Multiply
by Daniel 
Im based on LifeWay's largest research project among 17 denominations and networks:

  1. Embracing a kingdom vision -- looking beyond their own church
  2. Preparing the planter -- 26% had prayer partners vs. just 9% with no prayer partners
  3. Loving the lost and intentionally evangelizing -- BLESS: Begin praying, Lists, Eat together, Serve, and Story -- share your story of grace and what Jesus is doing in your life (Dave Ferguson)
  4. Committing to discipleship -- 24% had new member classes; includes class, workshops and one on one mentoring (24%)
  5. Developing other leaders -- recruit, equip, repeat Eph. 4:11-13 is the key -- become self-sufficient at a greater rate when intentional
  6. Creating a clear strategy to multiply -- a. monthly revisit commitment to multiply; b. partner with other churches; c. churches invested into plants.

Which one of the six will you start on this week? Tip: Invest one hour every week on multiplying. Classes and consultation available at www.newchurches.com

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Daniel Im, Director of Church Multiplication for NewChurches.com at LifeWay Christian Resources.