Online Resources for Training Leaders Check out the latest video presentations on Other online training resources: Right Now Training and Media ( - monthly subscriptions provide unlimited access for everyone in the church. Serving the church in four ways: online video library, work as worship, conferences, and creation of teaching... read more
Transformational Leadership Model The Transformational Leadership Model can be seen through the four different points surrounding this compass. The first point is Personal Leadership which can involve things like; Align Retreats Pastor Networks Coaching The second point around the compass is Relational Leadership and involves; Lead Like Jesus The Coaching Leader The third... read more
Church Loans & Scholarships Made possible by your church’s giving to the Cooperative Mission Program through the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio. Southern Baptist churches in Ohio that support the Cooperative Program and who submit an Annual Church Profile are eligible to request church loans up to $25,000.  Maximum loan term is 10 years and interest rates are... read more
Transformational Church Consultants Available Is there a secret to transforming believers into disciples? What does it take for a church to be transformational? Why are some churches consistently creating disciples whose lives are being transformed by the Gospel and others are not? To find out LifeWay conducted a comprehensive research study of the modern American church. It involved contact... read more