SEND Relief Christmas Backpacks

We have been given an opportunity to serve others in need. 
How? Well I am glad you asked!

Backpacks! That's right backpacks, filled with many needed items for boys and girls in the Appalachian Regional and Mississippi Regions (A.R.M.).   I know you are thinking school is almost over; it is a fine time to be asking for backpacks now. Well these will be handed out to boys and girls for Christmas.

Many times in the Bible God showed us by His example that we must fill a need and not just ask God to fill the need for us.  Like Jesus's first miracle, when he helped his Mother by turning water to wine.  That was a need at a wedding, and so much so that Jesus did it before it was His time to start His ministry, however he did it out of love for His Mother.  Then the feeding of the 5000.  He saw the need of the hungry people and took care of the problem right then and there.  We can look page after page in God's Holy Word and see that giving was a priority to our Savior.  Above all of these, the need each and every one of us had for someone to take our punishment for our sins. So Christ gave His all for us. In each one of these packs will also be a copy of the Christmas story.

Here is a list of things to put in your backpack and instructions on packing it. Thank you so much for your giving spirit.  We may not ever know the impact made on a life until we get to heaven, but God promises it will be worth the wait!!

We will be gathering things for backpacks for the Fall Retreat at Seneca Lake so start shopping now.

Kind regards,

Sue Stickel
Ohio WMU President

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