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What is Bible Drill? Bible Drill is a program that gets children and youth actively involved in learning the Word of God. Participants learn how to look up verses and books of the Bible in an efficient manner. They also learn to memorize scripture. Participants learn to compete in a God honoring way while they learn to hide God's Word in their hearts.

This year, we are excited to announce that there is a new State Bible Drill Coodinator. Kimberly Jackson Kubik of FBC Kettering has volunteered to take on this very important role to make sure that Bible Drill continues to bless many children throughout the state of Ohio in the coming years. Any questions about Bible Drill should be directed to Kimberly. Contact information is below.

So why Bible Drill?

  • Students will increase their knowledge of the Bible
  • Students will develop skills in locating books of the Bible and key passages
  • Students will also memorize the names of the books of the Bible in order, as well as memorize the verses and key passages on each verse card

Who can participate in Bible Drill?

Children in grades 4th-6th, Youth in grades 7th-9th, and High School students in grades 10th-12th in the current church year are eligable to participate. A method of participation can be worked out for children with disabilities to fit the individual's needs. Contact Kimberly Jackson Kubik for more information.

What are the levels of participation?

Bible Drillers will pass through three and possibly four levels of participation:

Church Drill - Schedule a church drill one or two weeks before the associational drill. A church drill should be conducted at the church before and audience. Children who participate in a church drill and give 12 or more correct responses, youth who score at least 180 points in the church drill, ad high school students who score at least 200 points will be eligible for participation in the associational drill.

Associational Drill - The associational drill is held at the time and place to be set by the association where the church is located. Contact your associational office to find out more information. If your association does not have enough participating churches to hold a drill, your church may attend a drill in a neighboring association. Children who give at least 16 correct answers at the associational drill can participate in the state drill. Youth who have a score of at least 210, and High School students with a score of at least 235 are eligible for the state competition.

State Drill - The state drill is held at a time and place designated by the Bible Teaching/Leadership resource group. Children who give 20 or more correct responses are considered State Winners. Youth and High School students will receive 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place rankings as determined by the scores. An award will be given to the Youth and High School 1st and 2nd place winners. This award varies from year to year. A State Winner in the Youth and High School drills would be a student who earns 270-299 and State Perfect would be a student who earned a score of 300 (without counting bonus points).

National Invitational Tournament - The national drill is held after the state drill at a time and place determined by a group of leaders at the national level. Only the 1st place winners of Youth and High School are eligible to participate at the national drill. Any one winner may only participate at the national level once in a category. If, for some reason, the first place winner is unable to attend the national drill, the 2nd place winner may go in the other's place. However, the 2nd place winner may not participate at the national dril again in that age category. If you would like more details about the National Invitational Tournament, place contact Kimberly Jackson Kubik.

L-R: Matthew Allen, Kimberly Jackson Kubik, Julia Bonifield

Congratulations to Matthew Allen of Reynoldsburg Baptist Church and Julia Bonifield of FBC Kettering for representing Ohio at the National Invitational Tournament in the Youth and High School Bible Drills. And a huge thank you goes to Kimberly Jackson Kubik, Bible Drill Leader at FBC Kettering, for attending the National Invitational Tournament as the State Representative. 


If you are interested in starting a Bible Drill team, please take the time to download and read the Judges' and Leaders' Guide that is attached at the bottom of this page. Any information you will need to get started is in the guide. If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to call or email Kimberly Jackson Kubik for more information.

Just a Few Reminders

Materials for 2015 are now available

*Children's verse cards are now available for download below!!

Drill Cycles:

Red (cycle 1): 2015, 2018, 2021

Blue (cycle 2): 2016, 2019, 2022

Green (cycle 3): 2017, 2020, 2023


Drill Bibles may be ordered through LifeWay by following the links below:

King James Version

Holman Christian Standard Version

2014 State Bible Drill Competition

Date: Saturday, May 2nd, 2015
Time: 9:30am-12:30pm
Location: Reynoldsburg Baptist Church

More Information can be found here.

For more information, please contact: Kimberly Jackson Kubik at 937-602-6108 or 

A copy of LifeWay's Bible Drill Competition Guide: Games & Activities for Blue, Red, & Green Cycles is owned by the Bible Teaching/Leadership Resource Group and is available for loan upon request. Contact the SCBO for more information.

Practice Helps/Tools:

There are a variety of tools available to help with memorization that are easy to access.

  • The Georgia Baptist Convention has developed a Bible Drill application for IOS devices. Find out more about this application here.
  • The Georgia Baptist Convention has also created a Pinterest account for Bible Drill that you can follow to get great ideas for your Bible Drill meetings.
  • Another great resource for Bible memorization tools is You can find cycle specific tools that will help your drillers master their memorization!


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