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Other online training resources:

Right Now Training and Media ( - monthly subscriptions provide unlimited access for everyone in the church. Serving the church in four ways: online video library, work as worship, conferences, and creation of teaching videos.

LEAD360 ( - also free, uses E-quip presentations. LEAD360 gives the church of association a way to design their own E-quip center, creating a simple equipping path, using presentations available on E-quip.

Leader Breakthru, LeaderBreakthru University ( - Leader development video curriculum. For special pricing, please contact Steve Hopkins ( At Leader Breakthru, we have one focus: Coaching and resourcing the development of risk-taking Kingdom leaders like yourself - leaders who are hungry to make their Kingdom contribution, and who are committed to finishing well.

Ministry Grid ( - Ministry Grid is a subscription-based, online leadership development platform for pastors, staff and volunteers that is unmatched in scope of content, customization, and simplicity. A ministry of LifeWay Christian Resources.

Have you ever had the experience of discovering a need for training in your ministry, only to find out that the training event was help two weeks ago? Or perhaps you have a potential leader in your church who cannot take time off from work to attend the conference that would take his or her ministry to the next level. These frustrating situations can be resolved by using Mission Ohio Equip to get the training for your ministry needs. This online tool is available for free, 24/7; anywhere you have web access. Over 660 presentations now available! An excell spreadsheet is attached below if you would like to browse through some of the presentations available on Mission Ohio E-quip. This reference is also available by simply visiting the Mission Ohio E-quip website itself.

Becoming a member on Equip is optional and free if you choose to sign up. Membership provides benefits like:

  • Bookmarking - Keep track of all the presentations you want to watch, all from within Equip
  • Notetaking - While you watch a presentation, take notes to review later. All notes are saved privately to your profile
  • Rating & Discussion - Rate and discuss your favorite presentations with the rest of the Equip community
  • Podcasts - Download MP3 versions of any of the presentations found on E-quip

Mission Ohio Equip is a joint project of the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio and the Canadian National Baptist Convention. The site is available FREE because of your faithful gifts to the Cooperative Program.


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