October 2010 Press toward the Mark

Press toward the Mark


The State Convention of Baptists in Ohio is a missionary organization of Southern Baptists in Ohio.  As a missionary organization, we cooperate with other Southern Baptists to obey the Great Commission to the ends of the earth.  Basic theology, polity, and missiology comprise the uniqueness of Southern Baptists.  The Cooperative Mission Program provides a unified means of supporting our worldwide mission work. 

Southern Baptists started out utilizing the societal method of supporting missions.  While some want to return to that model, Southern Baptists learned a long time ago that the Cooperative Mission Program provided a more effective and efficient means of supporting worldwide missions.  Before the Cooperative Mission Program, representatives of the three major Southern Baptist mission entities lobbied pastors of large Southern Baptist churches primarily for mission money.  The representative that was the better speaker tended to receive better offerings.  When missionaries came home on furlough, they spoke primarily in these large churches.  Smaller churches rarely had the opportunity to hear a missionary. 

Through the Cooperative Mission Program, churches of all sizes can sacrifice equally in percentage giving to support worldwide missions.  The three major Southern Baptist mission entities experience consistent financial support with the Cooperative Mission Program.  When hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, it destroyed many Southern Baptist churches: large and small.  Not one missionary from any of the three major Southern Baptist mission entities had to leave his or her mission field due to a lack of support from these churches. 

On behalf of all three major Southern Baptist mission entities, please accept the gratitude of our missionaries and the precious souls reached for Christ.  While the forty-two Southern Baptist state conventions are one of the three major Southern Baptist entities, each state convention leads in the promotion and collection of the Cooperative Mission Program to support the North American Mission Board and the International Mission Board.

Many Southern Baptist churches plan special Cooperative Mission Program celebrations and/or recognitions during the month of October.  Hopefully, your church will do so.

The missionaries of the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio thank you for your support of the Cooperative Mission Program.  Mission Ohio is the cooperative effort of Southern Baptists to reach at least 1,000,000 believers in 2,020 congregations by the end of 2020.  Let’s press toward that mark.

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