Buckeye Baptist Builders Go To Camp!

Buckeye Baptist Builders Go To Camp!

Beginning in 1970 with Campers on Mission, volunteers from across the state have been ministering to Southern Baptists in Ohio by giving a week of their time to construct and maintain the great facilities housed at the Seneca Lake Baptist Assembly (SLBA) campgrounds.

Projects such as building cabins, boat docks, sports fields (softball, volleyball, horseshoes, etc), miniature golf, dining hall, shelters, Frisbee golf, and snack shacks have been built and maintained over the years.  The work was done under the direction of great leaders such as Gene Wilcox and Ray Morris.

When asked why they would give a full week of their time to be away from home and family to work hard for no pay, you get answers such as:  This is like a week of revival, working for Our Lord to provide a place for young and old to come and learn about Him; You can’t out give God; Why not, if you only knew what God has done for me!; I look forward all year to this week, because we get together, work hard, renew friendships, and get closer to our Father!

Plaques honoring Joyce and Dennis

Vince Waters, Pastor Emmanuel Baptist Church, Sidney, Ohio provided words of recognition and encouragement during the ceremony honoring Joyce and Dennis.

Truth be known, there are countless thousands who have surrendered their lives to Christ at SLBA.   Some have gone into ministerial professions, such as pastors or onto the mission field.  Some have gone on to minister more boldly in their local church.  Some have moved on to other endeavors in life and are raising their children and grandchildren to know God.  What an awesome legacy to be a small part of.

Beginning in 2000, the volunteer builders began honoring those team members who passed on and went to be with Our Lord during the preceding year.  Plaques, in builder’s tradition, were affixed to the shelter fully donated and built by the builders.  This year, number 19 – Joyce Randall – and number 20 – Dennis Walburn, were added to the memorial.  Vince Waters, Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Sidney, Ohio, provided words of encouragement and dedication.

This year, May 1-5, ministry was continued, approximately 40 volunteers were led by a new team leader, Dale Patterson.  Patterson, has been a long time Baptist Builder and is also the leader of the Metro Columbus Association Builders team.  He is very active in his home church, First Baptist Westerville and leads the Disaster Relief Chain Saw Unit.

Volunteers completed new metal roofs on the final three cabins, cleaned and maintained the mini golf park, placed mulch, repaired and painted 3 paddle boats, and removed and built a new boat dock ( 80 feet X 16 Feet) for 24 paddle boats!  Quite an accomplishment for a rain filled week.   A couple of projects were rained out, so there is still work to do.

Thinking of work to do, you don’t have to wait until next year to join Baptist Builders!  No sir, we have two more weeks scheduled at the camp to work on the Chapel walls.  Dates are August 7-18.   If you want to get involved before then, we have some churches on our list too.  Contact Sam Kelley at the state office for more information.  FREE FOOD AND LODGING AT THE CAMP.  FREE FOOD AT THE OTHER PROJECTS (LODGING IS FREE IF YOU CAMP OR SLEEP IN THE CHURCH).

Sam Kelley, SCBO            Skelley@SCBO.ORG

Shelter Rail Installation